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We help you take the guesswork out of employee wellbeing by taking care of the people who take care of your business.

How Are Your Employees Doing?

No issue or problem is too big or too small. You may be wondering if what you're thinking or feeling is even worth talking about. We hear you. Call us and talk it through. We can unpack it with you, and have the tools and expertise to support you through the matter to a positive resolution or improved outcome.

Work and home demands can collide and those conflicting demands can create shortfall in each or both domains. We can help you find balance in both worlds.

For Employees

We address remedial needs to return the individual to meet work expectations when life issues may hinder performance.

For Individuals

When you have a work-related issue that affects your personal, relational, and emotional well-being, Benedict is here to assist with these work/life balance situations.

How We Help

Confidential Counseling

Direct access to specialists and therapists, often on a ‘quick response’ basis, so any crisis can be dealt with immediately.

Manager Assistance

A useful, external sounding board and professional perspective on a work-related concern or performance issues.

Physical Wellbeing

Body composition analysis with personalized personal training and nutrition programmes for groups and individuals.

Life Coaching

Empower and enable yourself to obtain your professional and personal goals.

Student Assistance

Collaboration where indicated with one or more students, school personnel and appropriate family members, to facilitate adjustments in behaviors and mentoring toward academic success.

Psychometric Assessments

Superior application of appropriate assessment tools by qualified professionals trained in integrating.

A crisis is defined as a dramatic emotional or circumstantial upheaval at work or in a person's life. Benedict recognizes there are many types of crises and therefore strives to provide timely responses that are appropriate and built upon best practices.

Ready to start a conversation?

Our team of experts can help you. No matter the issue, we are here for you.

Benedict provides exceptional services and solutions for the well being, growth and success of individuals, families, organizations and community.

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