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The happier people are, the higher they perform. Multiply your teams' performance through organizational wellbeing and develop a culture where everyone is able to be their best.

Innovative Company-Wide Solutions

Benedict is the only work-based service company in Bermuda that addresses the wants & needs of your unique company with the focus on maximizing Human Capital in terms of personal, interpersonal, and corporate wellbeing. We provide this in alignment with your company's mission, values and culture.

Employee and Manager Assistance

Focus individually on personal mental health and physical wellbeing of your employees, and alignment with 'job fit' via a variety of assessment tools, appropriate training, counseling, and coaching.

Individual and Corporate Growth

For your individuals and departments already functionally well, we can further enhance and accelerate personal and professionaly growth, talent management for upward mobility within your company as well as overall corporate wellbeing in terms of structure alignment & effecient process management.

Some companies provide just EAP, others just assessment work or private psychological counseling. Likewise, some companies provide team training and organizational consulting.

Benedict is the only company in Bermuda to utilize and synergize all these features for tailoring to the unique needs of your company and the work performance of your human capital.


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