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Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring

Without the right tools and the right data, making objective hiring decisions can be daunting. Especially now when many workplaces are remote, in person, or somewhere in between.

With our industry-leading Wiley™ products, our data-driven assessments empower organizations to select the right people for the right job, matching people to roles based on job-specific traits most important to be successful. Our scientifically validated assessments help reduce hiring bias, so organizations and people thrive.

Data That Complements Instinct

Making talent decisions based on a resume, an interview, or current job performance is not enough. Our assessments help organizations:

Align on Their Talent Needs

Hire Smarter

Retain Longer

Our Wiley assessments help companies translate job requirements into measurable cognitive and behavioral traits to find the ideal candidates with the best fit for each role

Expertise Where You Need It

With over 35 years of research-validated assessments, your organization will have the tools necessary to hire, select, and replicate top performers—making the otherwise stressful selection process streamlined.

Best of all, our team provides product training and implementation support, ultimately connecting your business strategy to your people strategy.

With our Wiley assessments, you’ll be able to increase both employee retention and satisfaction.

Streamlining the Hiring Process

Simplify the selection process by reducing hiring bias.

Increase productivity by replicating top performers.

Decrease the cost of bad hires and increases employee retention and satisfaction.

Solutions for:

Reducing Turnover

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Data-Backed Insights That Reduce Turnover
Our powerful hiring assessments help you make smart talent decisions, ultimately reducing turnover in your organization.

Selecting for Job Fit

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Helping You Select the Right Candidate For Every Role
Bringing you the objective information you need to confidently hire, select, and engage employees.

Replicating Top Sales Performers

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Hire the Best Sales Talent - Backed by Data
Powerful insights to help you identify and develop top sales talent.

Discovering Next Generation Leaders

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Assessments That Select and Develop Exceptional Leaders
Helping you gain invaluable insights into a candidate's leadership potential.

Industries suited:


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High turnover rates are common in the hospitality industry. Whether it's due to seasonality, shift work, or ease of job change due to transferrable skills, our assessments can help you select with confidence, engage fully, and retain longer.


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In a highly competitive industry where everyone wants to attract more clients and generate more sales, it is imperative for companies and hiring managers to select the right person for the role. Our assessments can help you leverage people data to prove cost reductions and savings in your HR strategy, ultimately contributing to your bottom line.


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Technology is at the core of what all organizations do nowadays, hence, technology-related jobs are in high demand. With more offers to work remote or hybrid, finding the right candidate and retaining current employees is a challenge. Our assessments can help.


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Amidst budget cuts and strong support from governments to keep a social safety net, government entities are facing tighter scrutiny and are under pressure to find better ways to screen applicants and retain current employees. Our assessments can help.

Health Care

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In an industry where people feel overworked and exhausted, it can be challenging to engage, keep, and select the best talent. Excellent healthcare workers are key for community safety, and industry leaders need to make sure they offer the best working conditions for their people. Our assessments can help.

Are You Ready to Experience a Better Hiring Program?

Our assessment experts can help you take your team to the next level.

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