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Private coaching

“I came to Benedict for coaching as the head of a successful business but one in which I felt certain aspects were stalling and less successful. I knew there was a better way but floundered in finding that way. The intelligent, thoughtful conversations and the new perspectives and skills I learned in the coaching process helped me with those business decisions. In fact, I launched a second business as a direct result. The progress comes quickly and the benefits are long lasting. The personal process I developed during coaching continues to have positive effects in all domains of my life.” – Managing Director, Retail Business

Do you want clarity, ease and freedom in your life?  Working with one of our private coaches will empower and enable you to obtain your professional and personal goals. We work to help individuals excel in their careers, improve their professional and personal relationships, create a happier, more fulfilling home life and enhance overall well-being.

You will discover what might be missing from your life, address any self-imposed barriers that may be holding you back and work to bring greater clarity to your life through improved decision making and actions.

Private coaching with Benedict is a much deeper process than the standard ‘life coaching’ that is promoted elsewhere today. You will explore the essence of our approach ~ that we are not ‘human doings’ we are ‘human beings’.

Many of our past clients have reported profound, positive changes in their life, and you too will have an opportunity to alter what really matters to you as you partner with one of our professionals.

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